About Me

Valet to two Cat Masters, bird and beach fanatic, Gail Storrs lives near Seattle, Washington with the cats and an overabundance of books. She managed to survive twenty-seven years of elementary teaching by keeping herself amused at all costs. Reading aloud the quirkiest stories she could find was one way to do this.  After a while, writing stories of that sort was even better.  In retirement, she's chasing all the moving parts of self-publishing, determined to put the stories she wrote for the kids into print. You'll find some of them in the book, And They All Sat Silently. Try it out on the young of the species in your life!

Meet My Roommates

Oliver is on the left and Abby is on the right. They keep me busy maintaining domestic tranquility and the mealtime schedule. You may meet them in stories or blogs occasionally. You can subscribe to my blog by accessing the free story button below.

What they are saying about my book, And They All Sat Silently

"As an elementary school teacher, I love this book. It has short stories that kids would enjoy and relate to, as well as tips for reading them aloud to students. I love the author's humor in the stories. I can tell the author has a lot of love for students and teachers and experience as a former teacher. I cannot wait to read them aloud to my students when the school year starts!"--Amazon purchaser

"I enjoyed these light-hearted stories very much. My favorite one was “Peanut Butter Cookies”. All the stories would be fun to read aloud to middle grade and older children on up through adults."--Amazon purchaser

Quiet Nights, Whimsical Delights

"A book can sometimes take us back to our childhood days, evoking a sense of wonder and joy. "And They All Sat Silently" did just that for me. It's a collection of stories that are full of fantasy, humor, and unexpected twists. They range from mischievous cookies to adventurous sea creatures, each crafted with a blend of whimsy that felt like peering through a kaleidoscope of vibrant, changing patterns. I found myself eagerly flipping through the pages, just like I used to do with a flashlight under the covers. The language is playful, and the characters are quirky, making for a delightful escape from the mundane. This book reminded me of the joy and creativity that storytelling can bring into our lives, and the smile it left on my face lingered long after I had finished reading."

--Amazon Purchaser